Prof. John Barton (Emeritus)

Campion Hall
Phone: 01865 286119

Research Interests:

Old Testament Prophets; Biblical Ethics; Canon; Biblical Interpretation; Old Testament Theology

Recent publications:

The Nature of Biblical Criticism, Louisville, Ky: Westminster John Knox, 2007.

The Old Testament: Canon, Literature and Theology: Collected Essays of John Barton, Aldershot: Ashgate 2007.

The Bible: The Basics, London: Routledge, 2010.

Religious Diversity in Ancient Israel, London: T & T Clark International, 2010 (ed. with Francesca Stavrakopoulou)

‘Imitation of God in the Old Testament’, The God of Israel, ed. R. P. Gordon, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007, pp. 35-46

‘Reading Texts Holistically: The Foundation of Biblical Criticism’, Congress Volume Ljubljana 2007, VTSUp 133, ed. A. Lemaire, pp. 367-80.

‘Reading the Prophets from an Environmental Perspective’, Ecological Hermeneutics: Biblical, Historical and Theological Perspectives, ed. D. G. Horrell and others, London: T & T Clark International, 2010, pp. 46-55.

‘The Theology of Amos’, Prophecy and the Prophets in Ancient Israel, ed. John Day, London: Continuum, 2010, pp. 188-201.

‘The Dark Side of God in the Old Testament’, Ethical and Unethical in the Old Testament: God and Humans in Dialogue, LHBOTS 528, London: T & T Clark International, 2010, pp. 122-34.

Ethics in Ancient Israel, 2014

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