Dr Andrew Linzey

The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Phone: 01865 201565
Email: andrew.linzey@theology.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests:

Christian ethics and modern theology. Specifically: contemporary moral issues, including sexuality, war and violence, research on embryos, euthanasia, the environment, animal ethics, animal rights, and the link between animal abuse and human violence.


Books include:

Animal Theology (SCM Press/University of Illinois Press, 1994),

Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society (Routledge, 1996),

After Noah: Animals and the Liberation of Theology (Mowbray/Continuum, 1997),

Animals on the Agenda: Questions about Animals for Theology and Ethics (SCM Press/University of Illinois Press, 1998),

Animal Gospel: Christian Faith as if Animals Mattered (Westminster John Knox Press, 1998),

Animal Rites: Liturgies of Animal Care (SCM Press/The Pilgrim Press, 1999),

Animal Rights: A Historical Anthology (Columbia University Press, 2005),

Gays and the Future of Anglicanism: Responses to the Windsor Report (O Books, 2005),

Creatures of the Same God: Explorations in Animal Theology (Winchester University Press, 2007),

Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings (Wipf and Stock, 2008),

Why Animal Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2009), and

The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence (Sussex Academic Press, 2009).

General Interests:

Systematic theology and ethics, the Christian doctrine of creation, theology and politics.

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