Prof. Dame Averil Cameron

Keble College
Former Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History and former Warden, Keble College

Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, 2011-13; chair, Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research

Research Interests:

History and culture of late antiquity and Byzantium, including religious and ecclesiastical history.

Current projects: 

Byzantium on the eve of Islam and in the early Islamic period; ‘Byzantine Christianity’ (SPCK Press).  

Recent publications:

The Byzantines (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006)

'Enforcing Orthodoxy in Byzantium', in Kate Cooper and Jeremy Gregory, eds., Discipline and Diversity, Studies in Church History 43 (Woodbridge, 2007), 1-24

The absence of Byzantium’, Nea Hestia, Jan, 2008, 4-59 (English and Greek)

'A.H.M.Jones and the End of the Ancient World', in D.H. Gwynn, ed., A.H,M.Jones and the Later Roman Empire, Brill’s Series on the Early Middle Ages (BSEMA) 15 (Leiden and Boston, 2008), 231-49

'Roman studies in sixth-century Constantinople', in Philip Rousseau and Manolis Papoutsakis, eds., Transformations of Late Antiquity. Essays for Peter Brown (Aldershot, 2009), 15-36

‘The anxiety of images: meanings and material objects’, in A. Lymberopoulou, ed., Images of the Byzantine World: Visions, Messages and Meanings. Studies presented to Leslie Brubaker (Farnham, 2011), 47-56 

The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity, AD 395-700, revised and expanded edition, Routledge History of Classical Civilization (London, 2011) 

Doctrine and Debate in Eastern Christianity, 300-1500, ed. with Robert Hoyland (Farnham, 2011)

Late Antiquity on the Eve of Islam, ed., The Formation of the Classical Islamic World 1 (Farnham, 2013)

'Il potere di Costantino. Dimensioni e limiti del potere imperiale', in Costantino I. Enciclopedia Costantinana sulla figura e l'imaggine dell' imperatore del cosidetto Editto di Milano, 313-2013 (Rome, 2013), vol. 1, 105-15

'Can Christians do dialogue?', Studia Patristica 63.11 (2013).

Byzantine Matters (Princeton, 2014)

Dialoguing in Late Antiquity (Washington, DC, 2014)

Arguing it Out. Discussion in Twelfth-Century Byzantium (Budapest, 2016)

General interests:

Orthodoxy and heresy; religion and culture in late antiquity and Byzantium; types of eastern Christianity in late antiquity

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