Dr Deborah Rooke

Faculty of Theology and Religion
Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture
Phone: 01865 288149
Email: deborah.rooke@theology.ox.ac.uk


Research Interests:

Cult and ritual in the Old Testament

Feminist and gendered readings of the Old Testament

The use of Old Testament texts in G.F. Handel’s oratorios

Most recent publications:

1. Sacred Drama: The Use of the Old Testament in Handel’s Israelite Oratorios (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2011)

2. Deborah W. Rooke (ed.), Embroidered Garments: Priests and Gender in Biblical Israel (Hebrew Bible Monographs, 25; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2009)

3. ‘Breeches of the Covenant: Gender, Garments, and the Priesthood’, in Rooke (ed.), Embroidered Garments, pp. 19-37

4. Deborah W. Rooke (ed.), A Question of Sex? Gender and Difference in the Hebrew Bible and Related Literature (Hebrew Bible Monographs, 14; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2007)

5. ‘The Bare Facts: Nakedness and Gender in Leviticus 18’, in Rooke (ed.), A Question of Sex?, pp. 20-38.

6. ‘Feminist Criticism of the Old Testament: Why Bother?’, Feminist Theology 15 (2007), 160-74.

7. Sex and Death, or the Death of Sex: Three Views of Jephthah’s Daughter’, in Biblical Traditions in Transmission: Essays in Honour of Michael A. Knibb, ed. by Charlotte Hempel and Judith M. Lieu (Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism [JSJS], 111; Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2006), pp. 249-71

8. ‘The Day of Atonement as a Ritual of Validation for the High Priest’, in Temple and Worship in Biblical Israel, ed. by John Day (LHBOTS, 422; London and New York: T & T Clark International, 2005), pp. 342-64.

9. ‘On the “Handel-ing” of 1 Maccabees: Thomas Morell’s use of biblical sources in the libretto of Judas Maccabaeus’, Scottish Journal of Theology 57 (2004), 125-38.

10. Zadok’s Heirs: The Role and Development of the High Priesthood in Ancient Israel (Oxford Theological Monographs; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000).

General Interests:

Editor, Society for Old Testament Study Book List (the Book List is also published as issue 5 of Journal for the Study of the Old Testament)

Going to concerts, especially of Renaissance and Baroque music; music making, including singing madrigals, playing piano, viola and flute, and coordinating Sunday music and organizing an occasional choir at New Road Baptist Church in central Oxford.

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