Dr Brandon Gallaher

Regent's Park College
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: brandon.gallaher@regents.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests 

The role of religion in liberal societies; theories of secularization and modernization; religion in contemporary Russia; modern theologies of the papacy and episcopal primacy; theology and political and social theory; theodicy and the nature of human and divine suffering; theologies and philosophies of freedom and human and divine agency; negation and theology; intercommunion, the limits of the Church, the Eucharist, and ecumenism; the influence of German Romanticism and Idealism on modern theology; the use of contradiction, polarity, and dialectic in theological epistemologies; “tradition” (e.g. Fathers, liturgy) as a theological source and the basis of ecclesial identity; modern Eastern Orthodox theology and philosophy (especially, Aleksei Khomiakov, Ivan Kireevsky, Vladimir Solov’ev, Sergii Bulgakov, Nicholas Afanasiev, Georges Florovsky, Vladimir Lossky, John Zizioulas and Christos Yannaras); modern and contemporary Roman Catholic theology (especially, Yves Congar, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Hans Küng); and modern and contemporary Protestant theology (especially, Karl Barth and Wolfhart Pannenberg) 


There is Freedom: The Dialectic of Freedom and Necessity in the Trinitarian Theologies of Sergii Bulgakov, Karl Barth and Hans Urs von Balthasar (forthcoming Oxford University Press). 

The Neo-Patristic Witness of Georges Florovsky: Essential Theological Writings, co-edited with Paul Ladouceur, Introduction by myself and a Foreword by Kallistos Ware. (forthcoming T & T Clark). 

'Georges Florovsky' in S. J. Kristiansen and Svein Rise, eds., Fifty Theological Thinkers--From Modern to Postmodern Theologians (Forthcoming Ashgate). 

‘“Waiting for the Barbarians”: Identity and Polemicism in the Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Georges Florovsky’, Modern Theology, 27.4 (October 2011), 659-691. 

‘The Christological Focus of Vladimir Solov’ev’s Sophiology’, Modern Theology, 25.4 (October 2009), 617-646.

‘Graced Creatureliness: Ontological Tension in the Uncreated/Created Distinction in the Sophiologies of Solov’ev, Bulgakov and Milbank’, Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 47.1-2 (2006), 163-190. 

‘Georges Florovsky on reading the life of St Seraphim’, Sobornost, 27.1 (2005): 58-70. 

‘Protopresbyter Sergii Bulgakov: Hypostasis and Hypostaticity: Scholia to the Unfading Light’, with Irina Kukota, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, 49:1-2 (2005), 5-46 [translation from Russian, introduction, notes and appendix] 

‘Bulgakov’s Ecumenical Thought’, Sobornost, 24.1 (2002), 24-55. 

‘Bulgakov and intercommunion’, Sobornost, 24.2 (2002), 9-28. 

General Interests 

Systematic theology in East and West (especially, Trinitarian theology, Christology; eschatology and ecclesiology), Eastern Orthodox theology, and political philosophy and theology. 




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