Matthew J Thomas

Matthew J Thomas


Thesis title:

Early perspectives on works of the law: a patristic study


David Lincicum and Mark Edwards


This study examines the perspectives on Pauline ‘works of the law’ found in patristic sources from the first centuries of the church, and assesses their correspondence with contemporary perspectives in Pauline debates.


Clarendon Fund and Christ Church scholarship, Institute of Religion and Culture (in legacy of Jim Houston), American Friends of Christ Church

Selected Publications:

Journal of Theological Studies, review for M. Sundkvist’s The Christian Laws in Paul, Vol 65 Part 1, 2014

“On the Conversion of the Wilberforces,” paper and presentation for Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, 2013  

Crux, review for P. Leithart’s Deep Exegesis, 2012

“Paul and Works of the Law: Perspectives Old and New,” in Canadian Theological Review, no. 1, 2012

Academic-related Activities:

Instructor in Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, BC

About me:

I studied at Pepperdine University in California and worked for an after-school program in Oakland, CA, before doing masters work at Regent College in Vancouver. My studies at Oxford focus on the relation between Pauline theology as understood by the early church (particularly the ante-Nicene period) and the New Perspective on Paul. After completing my thesis, my wife Leeanne and I hope to continue teaching and working with young people in Oakland.

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