Dr Frances Reynolds

Dr Frances Reynolds

Research Interests:

Babylonian and Assyrian intellectual history, literature and religion, with an emphasis on the late second and first millennia BC. I specialize in the evolution of cuneiform scholarship, particularly in response to cultural and political change in Babylonia. The subject of my forthcoming book is a ritual calendar text from Hellenistic Babylon that combines political history, mythology, astrology, ritual and hermeneutics (Oxford: OUP). I also work on Babylonian temple ritual texts and the development of Mesopotamian religious thought. My newest project is a biography of Babylon, and my interests extend into the wider ancient Middle East.

General Interests:

Reception of ancient Mesopotamia in the west from the nineteenth century on; Patron, Enheduanna Society; Consultant (Akkadian, Hittite, Sumerian), Oxford English Dictionary; Consultant, BBC series under development ‘History of the World’ and ‘When God was a Girl’.

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