David Friedman

David Friedman



Thesis title:

Josephus on the servile origins of the Jews in Egypt.


Professor Martin Goodman


As the defining account of its nationhood and covenant with God, the exodus story of the Israelites' slavery in Egypt and subsequent redemption was central to Jewish self-identification in antiquity. My thesis will examine how Josephus presents the exodus story of the Jews' national origins in light of contemporary Roman biases against slaves, freedmen, and Egyptians, and contemporary Roman claims that the Jews were originally Egyptians.

Selected Publications:

Friedman, D., 2014, Josephus on the servile origins of the Jews, Journal for the Study of Judaism, 54(4–5), pp. 523-50 link

Other research interests:

Purity law in the New Testament, Hellenistic Judaism.

Areas of teaching competence and experience:

Greek syntax and prose composition, reading Greek historiographical texts.

About me:

I enjoy playing bebop, and being outdoors.



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