Hebrew Bible and Old Testament Seminar

Trinity Term 2017

All seminar sessions meet in Oriel College at 2:30pm, unless otherwise indicated.
Consult the Oriel College Porter’s Lodge for the 4-digit passcode to enter the Harris Seminar Room.


Professor Hindy Najman
Oriel & Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture
Oriel College
hindy.najman@oriel.ox.ac.uk for any questions about the seminar

Week 1: 24 April

Chair: John Day (Lady Margaret Hall)
Presenter: Stuart Weeks (Durham)
Title: Why is it so hard to read Ecclesiastes?

Week 2: 1 May

Chair: Susan Gillingham (Worcester)
Presenter: Deborah Rooke (Regent's Park)
Title: Gender and Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible: An Oxford Handbook

4:30 p.m. OT/HB Subject group meeting

Week 3: 8 May

Chair: Katherine Southwood (St. John’s)
Presenter: John Day (Lady Margaret Hall)
Title: The Table of the Nations in Genesis 10: Problems and Solutions

Week 4: 15 May

NB: today's scheduled seminar with Katherine Dell from Cambridge has been cancelled.

Week 5: 22 May

Please note location change – meet in the front of Weston library
Chair: Jan Joosten (Christ Church)
Presenter: Daniel Crowther
Title: The te‘amim as the pinnacle of the Masora

Week 6: 29 May

Please note – this week’s postgraduate workshop begins at 1:30 with light lunch served and will run until 5 p.m.
All faculty and post-graduates are strongly encouraged to come.

Chairs: Hindy Najman (Oriel) & Laura Quick (Oriel)

Rebekah Van Sant, Can the story of Jephthah's Daughter be read as a subversive text in dialogue with the Akedah?
Asaf Gayer, Modern technologies for the aid of ancient texts: digital and material reconstruction of 4QInstruction from Qumran
Elizabeth Stell, Enacted Prophecy and the Power and Role of the Prophets
Peter Tsimikalis, Ben Sira, Collective Memory, and text reception
Andrew Daniel, The So-Called Preterite Prefix Conjugation in the Aramaic of the Bible and Qumran

Week 7: 5 June

Chair: Jan Joosten (Christ Church)
Presenter: Robert Miller (visiting from Catholic University of America)
Title: Yahweh's Southern Origins in the Light of the Archaeology of Midianite Religion

Week 8: 12 June

Chair: John Barton (Oriel)
Presenter: Susan Gillingham (Worcester)
Title: Writing a Reception-History Commentary:  Aims, Methods, and Resources

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