Hebrew Bible and Old Testament Seminar

Trinity Term 2017

All seminar sessions meet in Oriel College at 2:30pm, unless otherwise indicated.
Consult the Oriel College Porter’s Lodge for the 4-digit passcode to enter the Harris Seminar Room.


Professor Hindy Najman
Oriel & Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture
Oriel College
hindy.najman@oriel.ox.ac.uk for any questions about the seminar

Week 1: 24 April

Chair: John Day (Lady Margaret Hall)
Presenter: Stuart Weeks (Durham)
Title: Why is it so hard to read Ecclesiastes?

Week 2: 1 May

Chair: Susan Gillingham (Worcester)
Presenter: Deborah Rooke (Regent's Park)
Title: Gender and Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible: An Oxford Handbook

4:30 p.m. OT/HB Subject group meeting

Week 3: 8 May

Chair: Katherine Southwood (St. John’s)
Presenter: John Day (Lady Margaret Hall)
Title: The Table of the Nations in Genesis 10: Problems and Solutions

Week 4: 15 May

NB: today's scheduled seminar with Katherine Dell from Cambridge has been cancelled.

Week 5: 22 May

Please note location change – meet in the front of Weston library
Chair: Jan Joosten (Christ Church)
Presenter: Daniel Crowther
Title: The te‘amim as the pinnacle of the Masora

Week 6: 29 May

Please note – this week’s postgraduate workshop seminar will run until 5 p.m.
Chair: Hindy Najman
Judith Clark, Title: The Liturgical Calendar at Qumran.
Elizabeth Stell, Title: Enacted Prophecy and the Power and Role of the Prophets
Andrew Daniel, Title: The So-Called Preterite Prefix Conjugation in the Aramaic of the Bible and Qumran
Peter Tsimikalis, Title: Ben Sira, Collective Memory, and text reception
Asaf Gayer, Title: Modern technologies for the aid of ancient texts: digital and material reconstruction of 4QInstruction from Qumran

Week 7: 5 June

Chair: Jan Joosten (Christ Church)
Presenter: Robert Miller (visiting from Catholic University of America)
Title: Yahweh's Southern Origins in the Light of the Archaeology of Midianite Religion

Week 8: 12 June

Chair: John Barton (Oriel)
Presenter: Susan Gillingham (Worcester)
Title: Writing a Reception-History Commentary:  Aims, Methods, and Resources

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